Hope School of Music

San Diego Hope School of Music is a Christian back ground music school open to all community.

The Hope School of Music is visioned by Christianity to thrive music education in the greater San Diego area, to bring the joy and the spiritual enrichment of music, to promote the life experience of an individual’s growth, to thrive “love” for students’ courage to explore their music journey. We believe GOD cultivation of LOVE and to build righteous character is like a good seed can grow to fruit.

Our teaching philosophy is to think to understand other than to receive knowledge. By our “love” and “encourage” teaching philosophy, and our strictly selective teacher employment, we are privileged to have not only the top rank but warm hearted music teachers to ensure our teaching philosophy to reach every students’ heart and enlighten their mindsets.

Our music education is cross the board, include but not limited to piano, violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, trumpet, saxophone, and guitar. Our designed unique private or group class to tailor all kinds of needs of students.

We are fortunately to foresee no matter you are a world class musician or high profile professionals in the near future, you are from the Hope School of Music.