Alliance of Youth Leaders

aylus_title_red_500x130On the September 2,  2015, three high school students from San Diego (CA) founded the San Diego Branch for the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (Aylus).

The Description of San Diego Branch

The San Diego Branch of the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States is a student-led organization that creates opportunities for its members to develop leadership skills, build characters, and provide service to schools and communities in San Diego.

We strive to help people in the Greater San Diego area by volunteering, leadership, and service. We plan to first focus our service to children with cancer and their families, children and youth with cerebral palsy, children with missing arms, and children who have hearing impairments. We also plan to provide CPR, first aid, and fire safety training to junior high and high school students. In addition, we would like to raise awareness about animal cruelty, hunger for children, and water and air pollution in developing countries.

We would like to spread our love for art and music through events such as volunteering, performances, and tutoring. Gradually, we would like to expand our service to more children in San Diego through art, music, and sports initiatives.

The San Diego Branch welcomes all students who lives in the Greater San Diego area!